How to manage dice with multiple values per face?

How to manage dice with multiple values per face?

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Fri May 2 18:28:36 2014   by   Tiziano
Hi all,
is there a way with Troll to manage dice that have more than one value per face?


6 sided dice, each face F (1 through 6) can have up to two classes ("A" and "B") each with value (0,1,2, etc.):


I can track statistics for different totals (exact, at least, etc.) for each class independently, but I'm lost when I try to figure out how to merge the two things.

I know that with 5 dice like the above one, I get 65% of the rolls giving at least 5A, but for THAT rolls, which is the probability to get less than 4B?

Hope to be clear, do not hesitate to ask for clarification! THX!
Fri May 2 18:33:52 2014   by   Tiziano

Mon May 5 11:57:42 2014   by   Torben
Troll doesn't really handle pairs, but you can encode the two numbers as digits in a single number.  So something like:

x := 5#choose{00, 10, 10, 11, 11, 21}; \ first digit is A, second digit is B
A := sum foreach y in x do y / 10;
B := sum foreach y in x do y mod 10;
"A: " || 'A || ", B: " || 'B

The last line constructs a string from the values of A and B.
Wed May 7 19:16:16 2014   by   Tiziano
Dear Mr. Torben,
you were my hero, now you're my idol :)

So many thanks for your dice tool and your help. I hope to be able one day to mention you in the credits of my first tabletop game.

Best regards,
Tiziano Contorno.

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