Planet Generator (planet.exe) for Windows

Planet Generator (planet.exe) for Windows

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Tue Jul 8 19:27:21 2014   by   Ron Vantreese
First, I think it's a great planet map rendering program. A few changes were needed to get this to run well in Windows:
I had to add this:
  outfile = stdout;
  setmode(fileno(outfile), OBINARY);
the setmode() to change stdout to binary mode.
And at the top, I added
#include <fcntl.h>

I'm creating an application that uses planet.exe (is that OK?) and a few other planet rendering console programs so that the user may click and enter values that they like and then click a [Render!] button. This program will soon be ready.
Tue Jul 8 19:31:28 2014   by   Ron Vantreese
That Binary key word is "OBINARY", that is "O" then underscore then "BINARY". (I can't make it look right in this post.)
Thu Oct 16 21:40:26 2014   by   Glass Chicken
Any word on the progress of this project? I would love to have a good UI executable !
Sat Oct 18 00:07:45 2014   by   RGT
Agreed, I have managed to get the CMD thing to run, but an actual UI would be wondrous, not only to spare me the worry it crashed when it's making the maps (I make big ones, so it stays there silent for half an hour).

If I can suggest a feature, et us do as with the online version, hit 'generate new seed' and the program gives us a small resolution preview, so we can roll the dice some times to get good maps (Currently I have to test in the online and then go make the larger maps on the offline version).
Sun Oct 19 19:59:22 2014   by   Ron Vantreese
Here's the link (again).!30215

I suggest the version ending in 14918-16 as it has all the latest discoveries fixed, as well as capability of creating or loading a map of up to 65k color mapping. Random seed generator? Good idea... will consider it in next version.

Currently the random seed is taken from the latest time stamp and it increments by "0.000030517578125".

It may require you to install Microsoft.NET 4.5.
Mon Oct 20 03:13:20 2014   by   Ron Vantreese
To clarify. The UI has 4 renderers. Two world generators, in which one of them uses Mogensen's planet.exe as the engine; a cloud generator, and stars generator.
Thu Oct 23 16:54:55 2014   by   Ron Vantreese
To get this to work in Windows, add near the top:

    #include <fcntl.h>

Then look for:

    outfile = stdout;

Then add a line after it:

    setmode(fileno(outfile), O_ BINARY);

(without the space between O_ and BINARY) Then compile it for Windows. This will also work in Unix without removing that new line.


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