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  Projection: See Map Projections.
Width (max 2000):   Colour map:
Height (max 2000):   Shading:
Zoom (0.1 to 10000):   Contour lines None Coastlines only 2 (land) 5 (land) 10 (land) 1 (coast) 2 (coast) 3 (coast)
Center latitude (-90 to 90):   Adjust colour by latitude No Yes Yes, strongly Yes, very strongly
Center longitude (-360 to 360):   Water line (-0.1 to 0.1):
Grid (none or 1 to 90):   Non-linear altitude scaling:   Make more "wrinkly" maps:   Make biome maps:

Biomes legend:

Ice Taiga / boreal forest Temperate forest Tropical dry forest
Tundra Desert Temperate rainforest Tropical rainforest
Grasslands Savanna Xeric shrubland and dry forest

See also The Planet homepage for more information and an offline version of the planet generator program, that you can download.

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