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The MicroPower Research Project

Towards Low-Power Microprocessors with Reversible Computing

At the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen (DIKU), we study reversible computing models from the perspective of programming languages and logic design. In the MicroPower project supported by the Danish Council for Strategic Research, DIKU has set up a collaboration with the Electronics and Information Systems Department at Ghent University (ELIS, a leading centre for reversible microelectronics) and the international hearing-aid company Oticon. The purpose of this basic research project, which ran from 2009 to 2013, is to advance and develop the theory and practice of reversible computing at the programming language, logic and circuit-design level, taking us one step closer to an actual, reversible microprocessor.

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Reversible Computations for "Ugens Nørd" at TV2 Lorry

Holger Bock Axelsen was Wed, August 20th "Ugens Nørd" (Nerd of the Week) on the local Danish channel TV2 Lorry. You can see the video from this here.

Conference on Reversible Computation

The success of the conference on Reversible Computation continues. After great work by the project partners in Gent for the 2011 venue and Copenhagen for the 2012 venue, the international tour continues. 
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