Errors Compiling Troll

Errors Compiling Troll

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Thu Jan 14 20:15:20 2016   by   Razorfire

Hey, I was trying to setup Troll on my local (windows 7) machine and ran into errors when running compile.bat. I installed MoscowML fine, however, it is having problems compiling script. Firt prob is with mosmllex there is no mosmllex.exe in the bin folder, only a bare mosmllex file in the lib folder. Any help you can offer?

Here is my console output:

λ compile.bat

mosmlyac -v Parser.grm

mosmllex Lexer.lex
'mosmllex' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

mosmlc -c Syntax.sml

mosmlc -c Parser.sig
File "parser.sig", line 1-142, characters 0-3333:
! local
! type t1_ = (int*int)
! type t2_ = (int*int)
! type t3_ = (int*int)
! ..........
!  | VCONCR of t67_
!  | WHILE of t68_
!  | Z of t69_
! end..
! Compliance Warning:
! The phrase is an instance of the Moscow ML extension:
!  <spec> ::= local <spec> in <spec> end
! which is not supported by the Definition of Standard ML.

mosmlc -c Parser.sml

mosmlc -c Lexer.sml
! I/O operation failed: Nonstdio.openinbin on lexer.sml

mosmlc -c Interpreter.sig

mosmlc -c Interpreter.sml

mosmlc -c Rescope.sml

mosmlc -c Distribution.sig

mosmlc -c Distribution.sml

mosmlc -o troll.exe Main.sml
File "main.sml", line 155, characters 44-55:
!              val (decls,exp) = Parser.Dice Lexer.Token lexbuf
!                                            ^
! Cannot find file Lexer.ui


Fri Jan 15 02:29:54 2016   by   Razorfire
Quick Update

After a bit more research I found an older version of MoscowML with a mosmmlex.exe that i got working. So have things working now. Thanks.

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