Generating Map Based on Defined Outline

Generating Map Based on Defined Outline

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Thu Nov 30 18:30:59 2017   by   Arcanum

This question is specifically for the creator of the awesome map generator.

I am not sure what level of effort it would take to accomplish this, but is there any way that the generator could take an existing map, say a BMP or PNG image that has a black outline of the general contours of a piece of land or continent, Then ‘follow the lines’ and ‘fractalize’ those coasts.

Reason I ask is because instead of having a random seed that determines the coastal outlines, the application would instead ‘follow’ the basic black lines of a pre-defined graphic.

I love the outputs that are generated, yet I would still love the potential flexibility of determining the overall shape of the continent.

Just throwing the idea out there; I am sure implementing something like this in the context of the current application would be a big challenge.

Further to this idea, if anyone knows of any software (freeware if possible) that can accomplish this, please post any links that you know of.
Thanks and happy world building everyone!

Thu Nov 30 20:01:50 2017   by   Arcanum
Oh, I  think I found sort of what I need reading the manual

With the -pf option a map must be given on standard input.
Thu Nov 30 20:16:31 2017   by   Arcanum
Torben, for the -pf option, is the call implemented like this?

-pf  ?

also, the manual mentions an earth example of 11 lines of 24 characters
24x15 = 360 Degrees presumably.

Does this mean I can have finer granular control if I make my map file 360 characters x 360 lines?  Is this possible?  Thanks.

Mon Dec 4 22:17:46 2017   by   Alex Muro
I cannot for the life of me get the ./planet -pf command to work, in the manual it says that a map must be given on standard input but I cannot for the life of me input the command into my console in a way that works. Have you got it to work with

Thu Dec 7 10:41:29 2017   by   Torben
The -pf option is called like this:

./planet -pf -s 0.1

where 0.1 can be changed to other initial seeds. You can not supply higher-resolution map sketches (and it would not help much, as you are unlikely to get something close to even the low-resolution sketch).

The search feature simply generates random maps (starting with the specified seed using steps of 0.0000001) and compares them to the sketch, outputting a suggestion every time it finds one that is better than its previous suggestions.  This means that it will very quickly output maps that look very little like the sketch, and then slow down until it takes hours between each new suggestion.  Basically, you should expect the time for a new suggestion to be twice that of the previous suggestion.

It is not really useful for anything other than ensuring position of a few major land masses, since you are unlikely to get close matches even to the crude sketches you can input.  If you want to make a fractal map based on an outline, you are better off with tools such as AutoREALM (
Mon Feb 19 10:21:06 2018   by   Torben
Note that the search feature has been replaced by a map matching features.  See the manual for details.

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