New map matching feature

New map matching feature

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Fri Jan 26 16:49:54 2018   by   Torben
I have replaced the (rather useless) search feature for the offline map generator with something that serves the same purpose, but better: To generate a map that corresponds to a given rough sketch.

The feature is activated with the -M option and reads a map sketch from standard input (like the old search feature did), using the same format.  But the characters now indicate actual altitudes instead of preferences for land or sea.

The generated maps will not match the sketch exactly, but much better than what you could get with the old search feature.  The fine details of the map are affected by the seed and other parameters as usual.  Note that the map sketch is for a whole planet, so if you specify a magnification, the generated map will only show a portion of this planet.  In other words, you can not specify the shape of island or other features that are finer than the resolution of the map sketch.

If you want to regenerate a map that you have found using the match feature (e.g., using a different projection or magnification), you must use the -M option and supply the same map sketch.

Note, also, that the map matching feature only works with the offline map generator.
Tue Jan 30 19:03:10 2018   by   CorinaMarie
This sounds intriguing. Where do I find the new offline version? (I looked here: and that seems to be the 2016 edition.

Tue Jan 30 20:35:14 2018   by   Torben
The file is updated, I just forgot to update the dates. Will do that tomorrow.
Wed Jan 31 16:36:24 2018   by   Torben
I discovered that the files were uploaded to the wrong folder.  Sorry.

I have uploaded them now to the right folder and updated the dates.
Thu Feb 1 23:21:27 2018   by   CorinaMarie
Thanks. I downloaded the new version. :)

I see this then calls readmap() and uses c = getchar() within the nested loops. Does that mean I'd type each character or can I do it using the redirect input from a file?

Such as: planet -M
Fri Feb 2 11:23:01 2018   by   Torben
You can redirect from a file using the command line, but not as a parameter to the -M option.  The -M option takes a number as argument.  Instead, you write, e.g.,

planet -s 0.11 -w 800 -h 400 -pq -M 0.1 -o test.bmp <

Mon Feb 5 13:58:46 2018   by   CorinaMarie
Ah. I understand now. I'll give that a try sometime. :)

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