VPPlanetGenerator 1.1.15035.19 released

VPPlanetGenerator 1.1.15035.19 released

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Wed Nov 5 05:13:59 2014   by   Ron Vantreese
This resolved some bugs, expanded limits when possible to 2 billion (just be careful when picking large dimensions :) ). Added a [Randomize] to the Mogensen Planet Generator seed.

Enjoy :)
Sat Mar 4 16:39:06 2017   by   Tomahawk
Where can I download the latest release? What I have is the old version
Sat Mar 4 16:39:48 2017   by   Tomahawk
Wed Mar 15 09:31:42 2017   by   RGT
Can you say where you got it?

The only seemingly relevant thread only has a link to a version last updated in like early 2016.
Thread was only up due to your comment, nothing else seemed updated.
Wed Mar 15 15:24:49 2017   by   GenericUser#12
What I honestly would like to see is 3 things

1: A "Water Percentage" on all projection types, not just the Peters

2: A Map of Earth (just for size reference to a real world scale)

3: An Interactive Globe Projection, to completely remove size or area distortion

Just a though
Wed Mar 15 15:25:19 2017   by   GenericUser#12
Wed Mar 15 17:37:33 2017   by   Torben
The water percentage is difficult to determine in projections that are no area preserving, which is why it is reported only for the Peters projection (which is area-preserving).  I suppose I could add it also for the other area-preserving projections (such as Mollweide), and with some effort also for other projections (though that will require calculating the distortion factor).

I'm fairly busy at the time, so it will not be any time soon, though.

I will let Ron consider comparative maps and interactive globes.
Sat Mar 25 21:52:59 2017   by   Ron Vantreese
I apologize for the delay in seeing this. Here is the link.



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